Women's Emu Slippers

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  • Emu Wmns Mayberry Slide Slipper
    Made with 100% real Australian sheepskin, this slider adds a touch of luxury to the everyday.
    NZ$ 69.90
    NZ$ 52.42
  • Emu Jolie Slipper
    Super soft and plush, the EMU Australia Jolie is a warm, women’s suede slipper lined with natural Australian sheepskin.
    NZ$ 99.90
    NZ$ 74.92
  • Emu Amity Slipper
    EMU's soft, warm and comfortable sheepskin moccasin slipper. Keep warm with signature comfort and everyday luxury.
    NZ$ 109.90
    NZ$ 82.42
  • Emu Platinum Albany Slipper
    Handcrafted in Australia, the EMU Albany slippers are super comfortable and soft and made to last.
    NZ$ 139.90
    NZ$ 104.92
  • Emu Platinum Stinger Lo Slipper
    Made in Australia, the EMU Australia Platinum Stinger Lo is a handcrafted, water resistant, double face sheepskin boot.
    NZ$ 229.00
    NZ$ 171.75
  • Emu Wmns Pioneer Boot
    A waterproof, suede ankle boot, lined with 100% real Australian Merino wool for a warm and cosy feel.
    NZ$ 249.00
    NZ$ 186.75
  • Emu Platinum Stinger Hi Slipper
    Australian Made, handcrafted sheepskin boot. Soft, warm and comfortable with EMU's technically advanced water resistant sheepskin.
    NZ$ 279.00
    NZ$ 209.25
  • Emu Wmns Roadside Boot
    The EMU Australia Roadside, is a classic women’s biker boot that is packed with waterproof technology.
    NZ$ 279.00
    NZ$ 209.25

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