Waders/Wading Boots

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  • Orvis Wading Neoprene Guard Sock
    NZ$ 59.90
  • Kilwell Chest Wader
    PVC/Nylon, Cleat Sole.
    NZ$ 99.90
  • Patagonia Vest Front Sling
    The best of a traditional fishing vest combined with a minimalist sling pack.
    NZ$ 139.90
  • Orvis Clearwater Vest
    65% polyester/35% cotton.
    NZ$ 169.90
  • Explorer Neoprene Waders
    3.5mm Neoprene
    NZ$ 249.00
  • Orvis Wading Jacket Encounter
    2.5 layer, 100% Nylon.
    NZ$ 249.90
  • Patagonia Ultralight Wading Boots (sticky)
    These comfortable sticky rubber wading shoes are extremely light and flexible, while providing stability, durability and foot protection.
    NZ$ 379.00
  • Patagonia Gunnison Gorge Wading Pants
    These light and versatile H2No® Performance Standard waterproof/breathable wading pants have a side gusset for easy on/off and a clean, tailored fit at the waist; with streamlined, anatomical booties and flat-panel gravel guards for fast draining and greater abrasion resistance.
    NZ$ 499.00
  • Patagonia Skeena River Waders
    Highly versatile and feature-rich midweight H2No® Performance Standard waterproof/breathable waders are designed for the widest range of fishing scenarios; with a trimmer upper-body fit that allows easy layering.
    Weight: 1051 g (37.1 oz)
    NZ$ 669.00
  • Patagonia Rio Gallegos Waders
    The highest-performing, most durable, feature-rich waterproof/breathable waders have been updated with a more trim upper-body fit that still layers easily; new interior daisy chains for tools and drop-in pockets for organization; and more streamlined, anatomically fit booties with a poly-grid lining and gravel guards with a flat-panel construction that reduces wear.
    NZ$ 799.00