Eurocloth SS Cleaning Kit

  • Eurocloth SS Cleaning Kit
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  • The Stainless Steel Care kit consists of the Stainless Steel Euro-Cloth and the unique biodegradable formula which is calleed Stainless Steel Cutback Solution.
  • The Stainless Steel Cutback Solution is an absolute must for consumers who have previously cleaned their appliance with oil-based sprays, wipes or chemicals.
  • The Euro-Cloth combined with the Stainless Steel Cutback Solution makes cleaning stainless steel so easy, eliminating the myth of stainless steel being hard to clean.
  • The Euro-Cloth is re-educating consumers to the simplicity of cleaning stainless steel by applying nothing. No sprays or oils are required!
  • The Stainless Steel Cutback Solution is only needed for the initial clean to bring the stainless steel surface back to its natural shiny finish - free of all applied chemicals.
  • After the initial clean with the Stainless Steel Cutback Solution you have the ability to spot clean your appliance with the damp Euro-Cloth unlike oil-based cleaners which must be applied evenly over the entire surface.

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