Inflatable Tents

We have a huge range, only core stock is loaded on our website; so if something you want is not shown,

or you need to know the stock levels please Contact Us

New range of Kiwi Camping inflatables coming this camping season 2019/20.

They are very easy to quickly inflate, pitch and dismantle - great when you are short on time.

Simply hook the tent inlet valve to the hand pump supplied and within minutes the inflatable poles are up without a metal pole in sight. Add pegs and ropes and it's done!

  • Kiwi Camping Moa 12 AIR SUNROOM
    Fits the Moa 12 Air Canvas Tent
    NZ$ 699.00
    Available October 2019
  • Kiwi Camping Falcon 6 AIR Frame Tent
    Inflate this spacious two room tent in a matter of minutes.
    Great for small families with optional verandas out either side for extra space.
    Floor Area: 11.4m²
    NZ$ 1,499.00
    Available October 2019
  • Kiwi Camping Falcon 9 AIR Frame Tent
    Large 3 room tent that sets up in minutes.
    Endless tent configurations with 7 veranda options for additional sun protected spaces.
    Floor Area: 17.1m²
    NZ$ 1,999.00
    Available October 2019
  • Kiwi Camping Moa 12 Canvas AIR Frame Tent
    Plenty of space for the whole family.
    The fly ensures greater comfort in all weather conditions.
    Floor area: 22.5m²
    NZ$ 4,499.00
    Available October 2019