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The original Soft Sole was designed by Bobux back in 1991. It proved a huge hit with parents around the world because it was so different. Made of only soft leather at a time when every shoe company was trying to get kids into hard soled shoes, it was quickly adopted by people that didn’t feel comfortable cramming their kids feet into concrete-esque footwear. As it turned out, this was quite a lot of people.
 Simplicity is at the root of the Soft Sole’s genius. Here’s a shoe that actually meets the needs of pre-walker children, both in terms of foot health and usability. It goes on easily, it stays on, and it lets the foot move, bend, splay, grip, strengthen and grow as nature intended.  


 Newborn + Pre-Walker

Not walking or crawling yet. Sitting and some crawling taking place.

Super soft, unrestricting shoes are what they need. A second layer on their delicate feet to provide 
them with protection and comfort whilst ensuring secure grip.

At this stage, children are ‘prewalkers’ - that word says it all really. They may be sitting up, crawling and becoming more curious about their surroundings but they are not yet walking.

So they are using their feet but not in the muscular way they will as adults. They are not putting a lot of weight on them and so the bones and muscles need not be, and indeed aren’t defined. The foot itself is pudgy and fat, very supple, and physically unrefined.

Through unrestricted movement Soft Soles allow the foot to flex and grip, refine and strengthen, setting the physical foundation for a foot to grow into adulthood.

To put it simply, wearing a Soft Sole provides the freedom required for a little foot to do all the things it should through this stage of development, while providing protection from the environment.  

Soft Sole Features

  Premium soft leather for comfort and breathability

Absolute flexibility so feet a free to develop naturally.

Use of colour and design to stimulate little minds

Elastic collar for secure fit


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