Viking Nemo Kayak

Viking Nemo Kayak
Family Fun Kayak.
* 3.2m length
* 79cm width
* 19kg weight
* 130kg carrying capacity
* 9/10 stability rating (very stable)
NZ$ 749.00 including GST
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The Nemo takes Vikings fantastically successful smaller kayak and stretches it for even more room and performance.

Like all of the Viking family kayaks, the Nemo comes standard with Safety Lines fitted around the sides. This important safety feature makes it much easier for children to reboard the Kayak.

Compact, light, and stable are the catchwords here. The Nemo is a family recreational kayak that’s great to paddle, easy to transport, and easy to store. 

The increase in length allows more room in the cockpit meaning your child can come along for fun. The extra length also improves tracking and glide.

The deeper cockpit and flatter hull give a fantastically stable ride, and the central hatch with bucket provides internal storage for your smaller items.

Selecting the Nemo is the right choice for those looking for a little more performance and capacity than the shorter kayaks while keeping all their easy to transport and easy to store advantages.


Full safety grab line
1x Storage hatch with bucket (upgrades available)
Flush mount rod holder
Supplied with free alloy 'split shaft' paddle and Ergo seat

  • 3.2m length
  • 79cm width
  • 19kg weight
  • 130kg carrying capacity
  • 9/10 stability rating (very stable)

What's Included

  • Propelz Ergo Seat
  • Propelz Eco Paddle
  • Rod Holder - Flush Mount

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