Tear Aid Repair Kit B

Tear Aid Repair Kit B
Tear-Aid Type B is a unique transparent patch for repairing tears and holes in PVC and vinyl (see Type A for other materials)
NZ$ 32.90 including GST
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Tear-Aid is an extremely strong and very elastic permanent repair patch which deserves a place in both your outdoor and indoor equipment repair kits.

  • Repair holes & tears instantly - just peel and stick
  • See-through patch works with all colours
  • Water tight and air tight under pressure even when stretched
  • Conforms to irregular surfaces
  • Cuts easily to any size with scissors
  • Won't turn gummy in high heat
  • 100% adhesive strength after 24 hours of application
  • Patch size: 30 x 8cm

Type B can be used on:

  • Advertising Balloons, Vinyl Air Mattresses, Aqua Bubbles
  • Vinyl Banners, Belly Boats PVC, Bicycle/Motorbike/Scooter Seats, Bisonyl, Boat Covers, Tops & Seats, Bottles / Tanks / Containers
  • Camping Repairs, Convertible Windows,
  • Dashboards, Fenders, Floaters
  • Inflatable Boats, Jump Cushions
  • Life Jackets, Mud Skirts,
  • PVC Party Tents, Portable Shelters, Protected Clothing, Hoses, Pond Foil, Tubes, Water Toys, Sails, Sporting Equipment, PVC Storage Tarps, Swimming Pools
  • PVC Tarps, Tent / Boat Windows, Truck Covers & Tarps
  • Vinyl Windows, Waterbeds, Vinyl Watertoys

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