• Scientific Anglers Sonar Sink COLD Fly Line
Scientific Anglers Sonar Series Smooth Sinking Lines: SONAR 30 COLD
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Scientific Anglers Sonar Series Smooth Sinking Lines: SONAR 30 COLD

When it comes to fishing streamers in cold water, it’s difficult to beat the SONAR Sink 30

For every one fish eating on top, there are ten feeding beneath it. SONAR sinking technology takes flies to where the fish are: beneath the surface. Using proprietary tungsten formulations and unique tapering, the SONAR sinking technology gets flies down, and keeps them there.

When it comes to fishing streamers in cold water, it's difficult to beat the SONAR Sink 30.

Designed with a short 30' fast-sinking head, the Sink 30 sinking fly line gets flies deep extremely quickly and is paired with a large diameter handling section for excellent line control. 
When it’s time to get down and dirty, the Sink 30 has your back

* 30’ extra-fast sinking head with handling line
* Excellent big-water streamer line from a boat
* Line Identification printed on the line so no guessing when you swap spools.
* Welded Loops on both ends
* Braided multifilament core
* Best with our moderate to cold climates.
* Intermediate running line.
* Super-fast sink rates: 4.0 - 8.0 ips, sinks 4’ - 15’
* Replaces Mastery Textured Coastal Express

NZ sizes available:
200grains (WF6/7) Yellow / Black
250grains (WF7/8) Surf / Black
300grains (WF8/9) Green / Black
350grains (WF9/10) Orange / Black
400grains (WF9/12) Aqua / Black

Special order: 150gr & 450gr

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