Railblaza Railmount 19-25 Starport Combo

Railblaza Railmount 19-25 Starport Combo
RailMount 19-25 boat rail mount that attaches and securely holds RAILBLAZA accessories.
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The RAILBLAZA RailMount 19-25 is a base mount that allows the secure and easy attachment of any RAILBLAZA accessories to your rails.

The RailMount can be fitted to round boat rails, as well as to kayaks and other marine equipment.

This marine rail mount is ideal for those who need to utilise it for holding different accessories, or those wanting to change the location of their Rod Holder II, Fillet Table, or GPS Three Axis Platform.

The RailMount is simply screwed together with no drilling required so that it can be easily moved to a different spot, leaving your rail as good as new!

The RailMount 19-25 can be clamped to any 19 or 25mm (0.75 or 1”) rail with ease, meaning more time can be spent on the important things such as fishing and diving instead of on your rail fittings.

All installation hardware is provided including; adapters, rubber grips, self-adhesive grip tape, and the required stainless steel mounting screws.

IMPORTANT: Use of petroleum based lubricants on the StarPort slide will cause failure. Silicone based products are best suited (please check contents of lubricant before using).

1 x RailMount 19-25 (top and bottom)
1 x rail diameter adapter (Adapt down from 25mm to 19mm)
2 x non-slip rubber inserts
1 x self adhesive grip tape
1 x StarPort
1 x weather-tight gasket & cover
2 x M6x x 50mm screws & molybond coated nuts

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