Kilwell XTR2TR Rod/JD300 Reel Trolling Combo

Kilwell XTR2TR Rod/JD300 Reel Trolling Combo
Pre-spooled with 10 colours of 18lb lead line and 55yds 27lb braided backing.
NZ$ 208.90 including GST
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Kilwell Xtreme II rods are designed in New Zealand specifically for trout fishing.

The Xtreme II Trolling rod is designed with an action that will cope with 10 colours of heavy lead line but is still sensitive enough to see when the action of your lure is just right.

The Kilwell JD300 Trolling/Harling reel is a 2BB light weight levelwind reel that sits on top of your rod for better control. The levelwind system will lay the line back on the reel perfectly when retrieving the line.

The reel also features an anti reverse feature and a smooth drag.

It has the bonus of a line warning clicker for when you get a strike.

This combo is supplied pre-spooled with 10 colours of 18lb lead line and 55yds 27lb braided backing.

Top tip; The ideal speed for Trolling is about a fast walking speed, around 2.6 km/h.

With a Tassie Devil lure the rod tip should be nodding gently.

Like all Kilwell products this has a Lifetime Warranty.

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