Airflo Tactical Tapered Leader

  • Airflo Tactical Tapered Leader
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Made from ultra high quality Japanese co-polymer, these low diameter tapered leaders offer incredible strength and are completely clear.

Looped at the butt end for extra easy attachment to your fly line, these great new leaders are good to go right out of the packet.

With Airflo’s unique taper design, these leaders have plenty of power in the butt section to turnover your flies with precision, for each and every cast you make. Also available in a handy 3 pack.

15ft 1X 12.8lb
15ft 2X 10.4lb
9ft 1X 12.8lb
9ft 2X 10.4lb
9ft 3X 8.3lb
9ft 4X 6.4lb
9ft 5X 4.8lb

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