• Kilwell SAS Fly Fishing Rod #7
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For almost 75 years Kilwell has been designing and refining
workable fly fishing rods for New Zealand anglers and tough
New Zealand fish.The new Kilwell SAS range of fly rods gives
you TWO rods in ONE! SAS has a unique concept.

Each rod is supplied with an additional mid section. The high
modulus (H), or lower modulus (L) section, allows you to change
your rod from a grunty distance casting machine handling heavy
nymphs and wet flies, to a delicate tool for the presentation of an
evening dry – without changing your fly line weight.

So no matter what nature dishes out to you throughout the day,
your SAS rod will cover every condition.Head down to your local
specialist fly shop, grab one of these rods, cast it, fish it, and love
it forever.

Like all Kilwell branded products these rods have a
Kilwell Lifetime Warranty.

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