Family Dome Tents

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  • Kiwi Camping Kea 4 Dome Tent
    Size: 350 x 255 (cm)
    Floor Area: 6.1m²
    The ultimate recreational tent with 2 entrances and windows with vestibule for extra storage.
    NZ$ 229.00
    NZ$ 189.00
  • Kiwi Camping Kea 4E Dome Tent
    Size: 460 x 255 (cm)
    Floor Area: 5.8m²
    The ultimate recreational tent with 2 entrances and an extended vestibule for extra storage.
    NZ$ 299.00
    NZ$ 249.00
  • Kiwi Camping Kea 5E Dome Tent
    The ideal 'getaway' tent with 1 room and an extended vestibule with floor for extra storage.
    NZ$ 449.00
    NZ$ 399.00
  • Kiwi Camping Bellbird Teepee Tent
    Size: 400 x 400 (cm)
    Floor Area: 16m²
    NZ$ 549.00
    NZ$ 449.00
  • Coleman Instant Up Silver Darkroom 4 Tent
    1500mm Waterproof,
    Darkroom Technology to reduce light and heat in the tent.
    NZ$ 599.90
    NZ$ 449.90
  • Kiwi Camping Kea 6 Dome Tent
    Floor Area: 11m²,
    2500mm Water Rated.
    Spacious 2 room tent with high peaks. Frame system gives greater stability and ventilation ports ensure maximum comfort.
    NZ$ 649.00
    NZ$ 499.00
  • Coleman Instant Up Silver Darkroom 6 Tent
    1500mm waterproof,
    Darkroom Technology to reduce light and heat in the tent.
    NZ$ 699.90
    NZ$ 549.90
  • Kiwi Camping Takahe 6 Family Dome Tent
    Floor Area: 12.8m²
    3000mm water rated.
    Great weekend away family tent, with a bedroom on either side of living area and the ability to veranda out either side for extra shade.
    NZ$ 849.00
    NZ$ 649.00
  • OZtrail Family 10 Dome Tent
    Tent floor area: 600 x 240cm
    Tent head height: 200 cm
    NZ$ 649.00
  • Kiwi Camping Falcon 6 Family Dome Tent
    A great tent for couples or small families.
    The Falcon 6 opens out on three sides for ultimate versatility.
    Floor Area: 13.4m²
    NZ$ 999.00
    NZ$ 799.00
  • Kiwi Camping Takahe 8 Dome Tent
    Floor Area: 16.4m²,
    3000mm water rated.
    Super strong 3 room tent with near vertical walls and a sun-room for extra space. 3 entrances enables flexible site layout.
    NZ$ 1,299.00
    NZ$ 899.00
  • Kiwi Camping Falcon 9 Family Dome Tent
    A versatile 3 room family tent with near-vertical walls and doors that open to a veranda on 3 sides offering endless configurations.
    Floor Area: 18m²
    NZ$ 1,299.00
    NZ$ 999.00
  • Kiwi Camping Takahe 10 Dome Tent
    Floor Area: 28.9m²,
    3000mm water rating.
    Designed for smaller camping sites, but still with all the features. Vertical height ensures bunks fit for the kids.
    NZ$ 1,399.00
    NZ$ 1,099.00
  • Kiwi Camping Takahe 15 Plus Dome Tent
    Floor Area: 31.6m²
    3000mm water rated.
    Kiwi Camping's largest premier dome tent, with higher vertical walls provides greater usable space than traditional domes with the added benefit of a second living area.
    NZ$ 1,699.00
    NZ$ 1,299.00

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