Gas Canisters

We have a huge range, only core stock is loaded on our website; so if something you want is not shown please Contact Us

  • Kovea Gas 230 grm
    Contents: Iso-Butane 28%, Propane 26%, N-Butane (LPG) 45%
    Screw Type
    NZ$ 6.90
    Only Available In Store
  • Kovea Gas 450grm
    Contents: Iso-Butane 27%, Propane 25%, N-Butane (LPG) 48%
    Screw Type
    NZ$ 12.90
    Only Available In Store
  • CampingAz CV470 Gas Canister
    Contains 450g of Butane / Propane mix
    20% Propane for better performance in low temperatures.
    Self Sealing
    NZ$ 19.90
    Only Available In Store

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